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The Girl Fund Campaign

Girl Fund Campaign

Report September 2016

Report September 2016

Report June 2016

Report 2016















Read ‘Report June 2016′ here


16 March Bonus day!








All donations made online through GlobalGiving are eligible to be matched at the pro-rated percent.


Read more here: UK-version and US-version

We believe in girls!

we believe in girls








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GlobalGiving UK

Match funding available for regular donations on!

Match funding available for regular donations on!

Feedback from our non-profit partners tells us that regular monthly donations are gold dust – it allows you to plan ahead knowing that regular monthly income is on the way.

To help you build your regular givers, from December 1 to December 31 2015, we are offering something sweet to get people giving, regularly. And we are launching on #GivingTuesday so make a noise and jump on the bandwagon!

Our Regular Monthly Giving Match means if someone sets up a new £25 monthly regular donation, we’ll donate an additional £25 to your project.

Key terms for the Regular Monthly Giving Match

  • GlobalGiving UK will match all new monthly donations by 100% set up between 1st and 31st December 2015.
  • Match is up to £100 per donor per project. Eligible donations of £101 or larger will be matched at £100.
  • To be eligible for the match, the regular donation must be active at least 3 months after the initial donations (so a minimum of four donations total must be received before the match is applied).
  • This is a one-time match given after the 4th donation (not repeated match every month).
  • These terms are related to regular donations set up on only.

Read the full terms and conditions for the campaign.

Rachel Smith + the GlobalGiving UK Team

P.S. There is also match funding available for regular donations set up on read their separate terms and conditions.

Little by little

Little by little

International Day of the Girl Child

International Day of the Girl Child


Mother initiative report

Report for Mother's initiative 2015


Global giving challenge

button GG gateway challenge